What did we do today?


Roller Coasters have begun. Here is the schedule:





















Friday, April 12- Forces Unit Exam

Thursday, April 11- Today we reviewed for our Force Exam.

Wednesday, April 10- Today we worked on force calculation review. (see handouts)

Tuesday, April 9- Today students learned about Netwon's 3rd law and completed a packet.

Monday, April 8- Today students took Motion notes and practiced calculating speed and acceleration.

Friday, March 29- Today students continued their Energy Skate Park Simulation Lab. Needs to be finished for homework. DUE Monday!

Thursday, March 28- Today students started the Energy Skate Park Simulation Lab (See handouts)

Wednesday, March 27- Periods 1-3 finished the Tug-O-War lab activity. Period 4 & 6 took the CAST test

Tuesday, March 26- Periods 1-3 started the Tug-O-War lab activity. Period 4 & 6 took the CAST test

Monday, March 25- Today we took our Forces quiz 1. Students that did not get their inertia packet on Thursday pickedone up today. Packet is due Thursday.

Friday, March 22- Today we completed our Force Station Activity (See handouts).

Thursday, March 21- Today we reviewed Net Forces.

Wednesday, March 20- Today we continued our Forces packet

Tuesday, March 19- Today we went over our Forces Unit Overview. We also atarted our Balance vs Unbalanced Forces packet. (see handouts)

Monday, March 18- Today we did our Hockey Stick Relay (see Mrs. Connors if you were absent).

Friday, March 15- Today we took a break and watched Brain Games

Thursday, March 14- Multiple choice & Short answer portion of exam

Wednesday, March 13- Essay portion of exam

Tuesday, March 12- Today we reviewed for our unit exam

Monday, March 11- Today we completed our practice essay on human impacts.

Friday, March 8- Today we finished our Artificial selection research.

Thursday, March 7- Today we added the following vocab to our comp book: overproduction, competition, homologous structures, analogous structures, vestigial structures, molecular biology & comparative embryology. We also started our research on artificial selection & human impacts on evolution. (see Mrs. Connors if you were absent)

Wednesday, March 6- Today we finished out evidence packet. (if you have any incomplete pages they need to be finished at home).

Tuesday, March 5- Today we worked on pages 10-13 in our evidence packets.

Monday, March 4- Today we added to our Evidence for Evolution notes (see Mrs. Connors if you were absent).

Friday, March 1- Today we completed pages 6-9 in our evidence packet. (keys are in the classroom to check your answers)

Thursday, February 28- Today we took our Evolution Quiz 2

Wednesday, February 27- Today we completed pages 1 & 3 in our Evidence for Evolution packets. Page 1 Key is posted under handouts.

Tuesday, February 26- Today we started our Evidence for Evolution notes (ongoing) and our packet (ongoing). Packets are in our class cubby if you were absent.

Monday, February, 25- Today we completed #6-9 of the "Beak of the Fink" activity. Due Tuesday

Friday, February 22- Today we had a planner check. We also completed #1-5 of our "Beak of the Finch" activity (see handouts).

Thursday, February 21- Today we watched Bill Nye Evolution and took notes in our comp book. (see handouts).

Wednesday, February 20- Today we finished our evidence for evolution activity. Groups got a bonus point activity to complete if they finished early.

Tuesday, February 19- Today we went over our Pupfish activity and added it to our comp. books. We also started an evidence for evolution activity (see our class cubby).

Friday, February 15- Quiz!!! Finish Pupfish. Tribe point reading is under handouts. It is due Tuesday

Thursday, February 14- Today we continued our variation Pupfish activity and packet.

Wednesday, February 13- Today we read an article on the Pupfish and started our variations packet. (see handouts)

Tuesday, February 12- Today we did a webquest to find different adaptations. If you did not finish it is homework. (see handouts).

Friday, February 8- Today we completed our "Survival of the Fittest" activity (see handouts).

Thursday, February 7- Today we completed a reading and answered questions on adaptations. If you did not finish it is homework. 

Wednesday, February 6- Today we completed the graphing & question portion of our Rock Pocket Mouse activity.

Tuesday, February 5- Today we started our Rock Pocket Mouse activity (see handouts)

Monday, February 4- Today students watched Planet Earth: Islands and made a list of adaptations.

Friday, February 1- Today students added mutliple assignments in their comp. books. We also went over our evolution unit overview (see handouts).

Thuesday, January 31- Today we took the short answer portion of our unit exam

Wednesday, January 30- Today we took the multiple choice portion of our unit exam.

Monday, January 28 & Tuesday, January 29- We spent 2 days reviewing for our Genetic Exam. Finish your study guide for homework. (see handouts). 

Friday, January 25- Today we finished the movie "Cracking Your Genetic Code". We also looked at some examples of beneficial human mutations.

Thursday, January 24- Today we completed a worksheet on mutations. We also started the movie "Cracking Your Genetic Code" (see videos and handouts).

Wednesday, January 23- Today we took an open note mini quiz on mutations. We also saw examples of genetic mutations (see videos).

Tuesday, January 22- Today we read about genetic mutations and took notes in our composition notebook (see handouts).

Friday, January 18- Today we took our Genetics Quiz 2. We also added items to our composition notebook.

Thursday, January 17- Today we completed a DNA review packet (see handouts). Students that finished were able to use Quizlet to review for the Quiz.

Wednesday, January 16- Today we completed our DNA Replication Activity (see handouts)

Tuesday, January 15- Today we took notes on DNA (see handouts).

Monday, January 14- Today we completed our Dog DNA activity.

Friday, January 11- Today we took our Genetics Quiz 1. We also completed a DNA reading and tribal challenge. 

Thursday, January 10- Today we reviewed punnett square. Students completed 2 punnett square practice worksheets and reviewed for Friday's quiz. (see handouts and links for Quizlet).

Wednesday, January 9- Today students watched Bill Nye Genes and completed a worksheet (see handouts and links)

Tuesday, January 8- Today students had a sub. In class we read pages in our text book and completed questions.