What did we do today?


  • Friday, August 16- Today we completed Experiemental Design practice. We focused on identifying variables. (see handouts).

  • Thursday, August 15- Today did received our unit overview. We also took vocab notes on Experiemental Design. (see handouts).

  • Wednesday, August 14- Today we completed the Great Fossil Find (see handouts).

  • Tuesday, August 13- Today we finished our station activity in Google Classroom and reviewed grading standards for science.

  • Monday, August 12- Today we went over our class syllabus. We also worked on completing our student survey, science pre-assessment and getting to know you activity in our Google Classroom.

  • Friday, August 9- Today we logged into Google Classroom and worked on our 6 stations. 

  • Thursday, August 8- Happy First Day! Today we completed a puzzle and a teacher investigation activity.